Death Midwifery Options

Below are a few of the available service options, you may select only what you like or we can create a package that suits your needs. For details on additional services offered, please contact Shawn. Ask about my Veteran At-Need Service discount. Pre-Payment plans are available for all your before death care services and funeral services, or we offer Pre-Registration plans, by putting your wishes in writing without payment.  

 General Price list available upon request. 

These prices are effective as of 08/15/2019, but are subject to change without notice.

in-home Initial Consu​ltation        $125*

Will discuss, define and create a plan individually, or as a family, that will “best” aide in moving forward with the “end of life” process. Will discuss hospice options that are available to you. We offer consultation and guidance you may need, dealing with “end-of-life” issues. Together we will come up with a manageable plan and timeline giving you greater peace of mind.      

              *If additional services are selected, this fee may be waived.      

“EoL” Document Consultation                 $125

Will discuss and define individually the “end of life” documents that are needed for your specific situation. Documents such as Advance Directives, POLST forms (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment), Death care Directives and other paperwork you may want to have in order. All of this will aid in avoiding any miscommunications and help loved ones uphold the dying person’s wishes having the proper paperwork in place.          


Getting to Know You                                $375

Estimated three 2 hr sessions in a place of your choosing…your private home, care facility, coffee shop, etc. Giving the opportunity to spend time with a dying person while they still have energy to talk, will help build a trusting relationship. This relationship allows me to better serve the family as a whole, during the dying person’s active dying phase.


Creating Sacred Space                                 $225

This can take form of moving furniture and opening space for the dying. Giving way for building altars and space for sitting vigil. Allowing you to create a sacred space, using favorite objects, photos, draping fabrics, fresh flowers, offerings of foods, candles.  


Developing a Legacy Project               $75/hr.

Legacy Projects help family find answers t​o “How will I be remembered? Or Where did we come from?” questions. The creation of a Legacy Project, whether it is via Life Interview, scrapbook, or other items or events (such as document, film, artwork, etc.), serves to foster conversation between the dying and their loved ones. This allows loved ones to continue to share in memorable moments with the deceased over time. It helps the dying know that they have left a lasting legacy of themselves, true to who they were, for their future generations to know.

Vigil Planning                                                   $125

 Discussing how they would like to arrange their “transition” space (with sights, sounds, smells, touch, etc.) and how they would either like to be engaged (or not engaged) by loved ones as they actively die. “Vigil Sitting” planning for whom to actively be engaging with the dying in their last moments. Having a set plan allows loved ones to rest, eat, and make final arrangements. Keeping open communications with health care professionals as to be able alert loved ones when final moments appear to be taking place.          


Vigil Support during dying phase     $225     

In-home Vigil Support during active dying phase is support with sitting vigil prior to, during, and after the “actively dying” stage. We will communicate as needed with family, doctors and other caretakers regarding weekly/daily/hourly progression of the dying. Helping with emotional and physical support were needed.

Living Funeral                         starting at $325

This would include a Director for Service, use of Sacred Ceremonial Items, setting Sacred Space, assisting family with coordinating and facilitating services. Family and Friends invited to gather in the home of the dying person to visit and share stories one last time while they are still able to.

Home Funeral                            price may vary 

A service of this type would involve your love​d one to remain in your own home for services from 1 to 3 days followed by final disposition. Other Services may be involved Setting of Sacred Space, Lying in State equipment rental, Bathing/Handling of Deceased, Refrigeration/Dry Ice, Dressing of Deceased, a Director for Services.

Memorial Service                      price may vary

Memorial services allow for a great deal of flexibility if additional time is needed to gather together as a family for a service. In fact, it is not uncommon for a memorial service to be held a month or more after the death. A memorial service is similar to a funeral service in many ways. The main difference is that at a funeral, the body is present, a memorial service, the body is not present. Usually, a framed portrait or an urn serves as the focal point at a memorial service. It can be held anywhere as well, at a church, park, at sea, or family home.

 Burial Products 

For all your Green or Natural Burial needs we proudly offer Eco-friendly US Handmade Burial Products by Passages International, Inc. For product selection 



For all your Traditional Cemetery needs we proudly offer US Handcrafted Fine Wood Caskets and Coffins by Northwoods Casket Company. For product selection 


for product pricing or more information 

email us at [email protected] 

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Funeral Service Options

These prices are effective as of 08/15/2019, but are subject to change without notice.

direct Cremation


*At need price 

If you arrange a Direct Cremation, you can use an Alternative Container. Alternative Containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials with or without an outside covering (the container we provide is a fiberboard container.)

Our Direct Cremation Includes the following

Basic Service Fee

Transportation – Removal from Place of Death within 30 mile radius. An additional $3.00 per mile charge for any mileage thereafter will be added. 


 Fiberboard Cremation Container

Cremation Process 

Durable Plastic Utility Container

State Regulatory Fee

Disposition Permit


Full Bod​y Sea Burial


*Departure Port may affect Price

Best for General Upkeep

Sailing out of Long Beach or Newport Harbor*. 

1 - 6 passengers. Unwitnessed option available.

Our Full Body Sea Burial Includes the Following

Basic Service Fee

Transportation – Removal from Place of Death within 30 mile radius. An additional $3.00 per mile charge for any mileage thereafter will be added. 


150 lbs of weights*

Handling/Shrouding of Deceased 

2 Fully Insured Vessels

(allowing for 1 – 12 passengers)

Director for Service

sea Burial Shroud*

Burial Permit

Sea Burial Certificate 

Transportation to boat in LA/OC

*tax not included


Green  Direct Burial 




Best for Busy Homes

Begin the process by calling Joshua Tree Memorial Park at 760-366-9210 and set up an appointment with a Director to visit with and assist you in purchasing your plot. Once you have purchased your plot you may continue with planning your service with me.

Our Green Burial Services Includes the following

Basic Service Fee

Transportation – Removal from Place of Death within 30 mile radius. An additional $3.00 per mile charge for any mileage thereafter will be added. 


Casketing/Shrouding of the Deceased    

Transportation to a Green Cemetery 

Burial Permit 

Cemetery Property not included

Casket or green Burial Shroud not included


Direct Burial at a Traditional Cemetery            $1725

Includes Basic Service Fee, Transportation from place of Death (within 30-mile radius $3/additional miles), Refrigeration, Casketing of Deceased, Transportation to Local Cemetery (within 30-miles radius $3/additional miles), Director for Stand-by at Cemetery, and Burial Permit. These services do not include Death Certificates, Cemetery Costs, Embalming (not offered), Casket or Coffin, or Cement Burial Vault (not offered).